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The awakening of creativity in using letters

The awakening of creativity in using letters

The awakening of creativity in using letters

Recently published a book “642 Things to Write About», which was the creation of the school in San Francisco, where children learn to write and edit texts. Despite this focus, tips of her suit absolutely anyone, because to learn creative thinking in children will prevent any adult.

We bring you the most interesting ways to wake up the creative energy by means of written exercises.

Write the eulogy sandwich

Think about what you are grateful to him and that he will bring into your life such a thing can not give any other product.

Write ad copy for a fictitious drug

What is this medicine?
How was it invented?
What are its side effects?
Write about how was your day

Even if now the morning and you do not have time to do. It is important to all: emotions, actions, deeds, circumstances, dialogues.

Write the first sentence that you say when you arrive at Mars

Soon Elon Musk will send us all to the space, so to work on his speech to humanity need right now.

Complete this sentence …

“The smell of orange reminds me of …”
“The taste of tea warns me about …”
“My desktop to the touch, like …”
You have three wishes

This is a good question, which we have not thought enough. Dreaming is useful for many reasons, and the most banal – it improves mood.

Explain the gold miners of 1849 as a working e-mail

Use metaphorical thinking and beware of scientific terms.

Write instructions for the use of a time machine

We understand the principle of its action, but what action you need to take precautions? Try to jot down as much as possible points.

The year is 2025 …

Where you have forgotten your jetpack? And a robot, you finally buy myself?

Finish the sentence …

“I must have more …”
“I have to drink more …”
“I must cultivate …”
“I have to get rid of …”
Take the first available picture …

… And come up with a completely new story. For example, in the picture you are at the cottage with friends. Give free rein to imagination.

Describe the life of a person in the same sentence

And why stop with just one person? You probably have a lot of friends whose lives you partially know. Are not limited to, select famous literary or historical character, from Tom Sawyer to Napoleon.

What’s happening?

We need your honest and frank answer.

Which advice …

… You will most often follow?
… Often do not follow?
Write your ideas and Practice 642

Search for themes – a method no less creative than inventing texts to uncover them.
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