Moments of Tension in Venezuela. English Version

Moments of Tension in Venezuela. English Version.

This not my habitual blog post, these are not habitual times. Up till now, living in Venezuela has been an experience ranging from normality to surrealism. Sure, it´s not Palm Springs but it isn´t Kabul either…up to now. Today the violence generated by a regime of thugs has the students, this nation´s real heroes, defining what must be done in the name of what is right. The hero´s journey is always one form slavery to freedom.

My job is to form coaches, give them support to understand the tools that provide fulfillment, independence and abundance. My job is to study, read, and share knowledge aimed to inspire others to make proactive decisions. Today it is time to focus on what is happening here, in the streets, it´s not about my map or your map. The only reality which exists here is the one that is tweeted by the kids in the front lines. All other means of mass communication have been silenced by the government.

It is an initiative that puts health and lives at risk. Only those who have witnessed the pain of buckshot, beatings, torture, gas and the attacks from “colectivos” who are no more than armed delinquents, know what is really going on. Their words and their tweets are the only weapon they have. And they are doing this in the name of freedom. The television stations rather air the Cooking Show or Who is Right, a daily talk show about relationships. They might as well air cartoons as well. But some coaches here act the same way, tweeting as usual about happiness and being present completely separated from the situation. It´s bizarre. “Were not into politics” they say. Bro, dude! Politics is into you! And heavily. You are a Tupamaru when you act like one. Your silence supports the system we are trying to change. Step up. Be part of this movement of consciousness expansion, your readers will appreciate your will when they see you are not afraid, that you walk your talk as a force for good, as a leader.

But most important of all, the students will feel that their actions have meaning.

Ok, I´m not asking you to stay after 7pm when the Nazional Guard starts with the Pepper Gas, or requesting you to stay there, because The Night belongs to Charlie, Tupamaros, that have orders to shoot and intimidate. But give the kids some solidarity; walk with them in the light of day. See their expressions behind their eyes. Speak with them, listen to them, and then use your platform to let the world know. It´s the least you can do.

Support the kids, the student movement, and I guarantee you, that after this nightmare is over and these kids are highly competitive professionas, this will be a great country, and never again will something like this happen anywhere, ever.

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